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Many of our customers change the style of their Window Wear seasonally -- they have a bright, sunny look for summer and a warmer, richer set of accessories for winter.  The options are virtually endless!  Great solution for tricky window treatments for large windows, as well as bay window treatments and more.

We have photos of numerous ways to arrange the accessories within each set, but you are only limited by your own imagination -- see if you can create even more styles with your accessories.  Send us a photo of new ideas you have created that we didn't include in the photo gallery so we can enjoy your creativity, too!

We created a base panel that allows you to add accessories to dress it up or down or completely different.  The accessories include flaps, banners, swags, bands, tassels, buttons and medallions.  Each accessory is magnetized and attaches directly to the base panel -- and each base panel is reversible to give you two color/style options.  

When you purchase your original Window Wear set, you will be able to create numerous different styles with those accessories.  You can add additional accessories or order new accessories to completely change the style while keeping the base panels.  This saves you hundreds of dollars when you want a change -- just order new accessories and re-use the panels.  

We wanted to create a window treatment that could be changed and re-created whenever we got tired of one style.  We wanted it to be easy and quick, too.  And we wanted to be able to add, change or subtract components as time went on to create even more styles -- whenever our design taste changed, or we got a new sofa or comforter for the bed. 

The result is Window Wear -- a magnetic system that you can change within a few minutes without using tools or sewing anything! 

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